School Calendar

School Calendar 4.5

Provides a universal calendar meant for teachers and pupils

School Calendar is an application which stores information related to school activities, teachers, and students. The program should be perceived as a school tasks organizer because it offers an overview of planned events. This overall picture eliminates the risk to overlap activities, on the one hand, or to miss scheduled events, on the other hand.

The act of teaching implies planning lessons before entering the classroom. Once you have a clear structure over the lesson course, you know for sure that students will receive comprehensive information presented in an attractive form. School Calendar offers the means to create good lesson plans, so that the activities with students run smoothly and naturally.

The program is also a scheduler of school events. You may have an overview of planned activities for a period of time selected by you. Thus, the calendar can report the current day, week, month, quarter, or year. You may change its orientation from vertical to horizontal timeline, and vice versa, according to your preference. The profiles that populates Resources' list are saved easily. You must enter the name, phone number, and select an avatar. The calendar may be displayed for a single profile or for all those you have selected.

School Calendar helps you keep a clear view upon school activities and over the participants to didactic events.

Robert Vince
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  • Search engine provided
  • Attractive, colored interface
  • You can set reminders


  • I personally found the program difficult to work with
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